I believe in restoring confidence through transformation because true beauty radiates from within…

Dr Lim is the only Plastic Surgeon in Singapore to have dual Exit Certification and dual specialised training in both plastic surgery and hand surgery

Ministry of Health certified Operating Theatre with full General Anaesthetic or Twilight Anaesthesia (IV sedation)

State-of-the-art patient monitoring and resuscitation apparatus

Aesthetic Surgery

Aesthetic Surgery is performed to improve an individual’s self confidence by reshaping or rejuvenating facial and body features

Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Procedures

For patients who can’t take time out for surgical procedures, there are low downtime options for cosmetic improvements which allow a timely return to regular activities

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive plastic surgery deals with rectifying bodily abnormalities caused by birth defects, injuries, disease, ageing or infections.

Hand Surgery

Each individual’s experience with a hand injury or condition is unique. Consultation and careful assessment with a qualified hand surgeon is critical to the complex process of restoring function whilst maintaining the cosmetic appearance of the hand.