Facial & Body Treatments

Complementary non-invasive treatments are available in-house at our clinic, where experienced therapists will customise skin treatments for both pre and post-operative patients, as well as for those seeking long-term maintenance of skin health.

Facial Treatments

Cleanse, Hydrate, Protect.

The 3 key tenets for healthy skin- the basis for a youthful radiant look.

Facial treatments are carefully performed by our experienced staff.


Body Treatments

The skin of the body can similarly be treated using techniques as outlined in our Microdermabrasion Facial.

Our Flagship Microdermabrasion Facial

Deep Cleansing and Surface Exfoliation
Removal of deep embedded impurities is the first step and starts with steaming to moisten the skin followed by a mild glycolic acid cleanser to start the exfoliation process.

Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion
This next step exfoliates the surface of the epidermis using high frequency ultrasonic waves.

Manual extraction
Gentle clearance of deep impurities are required for the free flow facial oils which nourish the skin

Facial lymphatic drainage
Deep facial lymphatic drainage accelerates clearance of lymphatic fluid, improving facial skin circulation at the same time.

Sonophoresis Nutrient Delivery
High frequency oscillations gently push vitamins, proteins and peptides into the cleansed and prepared skin.

Deep Facial Hydration
Facial gel masks strongly hydrate and further force feed the skin with vitamins and other nutrients.